Loving the awesome self that you are right now

Loving the awesome self that you are right now

My posts are going to cover a myriad of topics and some of my points of view may not be those of the norm. But before we even travel further down the road, I want to provide a little clarity. I want to set a few things straight from the beginning because I don’t want people to think that I dislike thin people or that I’m telling everyone to survive on a diet of Twinkies and Pepsi to gain weight.

Things (and people) that I am not against:

  • Weight loss – It can be a good thing. I’m personally tired of focusing solely on that. The real focus should be on living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Skinny folks – Y’all go ahead with your bad selves! Just as larger people should love themselves, you should love yourselves as well. I just don’t think that I have to be thin to be amazing.
  • The medical establishment – Um, okay. I sort of am sometimes. Next!

Things I am very much for:

  • Heavy/Fat/Obese/Thick people (however they may refer to themselves) accepting themselves as they are. Really, everyone should accept themselves for the wonderful person that they are! It’s not limited to people of a certain size.
  • Education about body types and realizing that you can be various sizes other than thin and be healthy.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle instead of following diets that cause people to get caught up in yo-yo cycles.

There are many more things and I shall add them to my upcoming FAQ.

The true purpose of this blog is to point out that not everyone is made of the same mold. And for those of us who take up a bit more mold, I hope that we can learn to treat ourselves with more kindness than I know a lot of us do.

My main message: Know that you are amazing just as you are! Love yourself right now, not once you’ve reached some arbitrary number that you’ve fixed in your brain to signify perfection.